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thomas vogelmann

Thomas Vogelmann was born in 1961 in Cologne, where he also lives and works today. Painting has always been a fascination to him and the subject of constant debate.


Since 2001, painting has become an integral part of his life, which he continually strives to develop. His focus is oil painting. In his work he processes everyday life. In a play of colors, which he often processes with spatulas, his mostly large-format, often titled works, which often consist of several parts, create space for the imagination of the viewer.


Thomas Vogelmann regularly attends courses by the Cologne artist lsolde Totenhagen.


"Since my childhood I have painted again and again, sometimes more sometimes less. I consider painting relaxing and a change from everyday life. My works are all about colors".




  • 12. June 2017 - 1. September 2017 in the Braustelle in Köln Ehrenfeld -  Christianstraße 2  
  • October 2014 - April 2017 - Law meets Art - Kölner    Kunstwerke - Just Art - Lawyers Wigge - RA M. Wüstefeld
  • November 2006 - October 2007 - Universitäts- und Stadtbibliothek, Köln
  • January -  March 2005 - PTM Pharma, Köln
  • November - December 2004 VHS Rhein-Erft -   Group Exhibition



 Permanent loans:


  •  König & Reeker - Köln